Remote Desktop Services (formerly: Terminal Services)

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) enables a full fidelity desktop experience and efficiently connects remote workers from their own computers or even mobile devices. Remote Desktop Services efficiently connects remote workers and helps increase data security by running applications on a centrally located server.

Key benefits

  • > Accelerate Application & Desktop Deployment
  • > Simplify Life Cycle Management of Applications & Data
  • > Increase Remote Worker Efficiency
  • > Help Secure Data and Application
  • > Simplify Regulatory Compliance


Completely Virtualized vs. Hosted Server

Wether you are looking for a completely virtualized server or have a physical server you want hosted at a local data center, we can help. Our relationship with ISWest allows us to provide customers with competitive colocation services pricing. For completely virtualized servers, we utilize Amazon Web Services and have a number of deployable AMI configurations that fit your business needs.

Amazon AWS


Accessible Anywhere

Allow your workforce to access a full featured desktop environment with your business applications from anywhere. When using Remote Desktop Services, users aren't constrainted by low bandwidth connections since all work is done on the Server hosted at your site or at the datacenter. It doesn't matter what operating system your remote workforce uses, Windows or Mac, allow users to connect to their full fidelity remote desktop to get work done.

Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X


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