Server Monitoring

Your business depends on critical applications and hardware. Server and application monitoring notifies us of potential problems before they affect your workforce. Our server monitoring service triggers alerts when a problem is detected. Syntiro Networks will notify you immediately and recommend corrective action.

How does Monitoring work?
We install a "monitoring agent" on each of your servers which will monitor the server's disk space, cpu utilization, available RAM, and status of specific services. The servers will be polled 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure all monitored parameters are within nominal range. Additionally, we monitor both your Internet connection and commercial power. When a the disk becomes dangerously full or a service goes down, you will be promptly notified.

Server Monitoring

What are some benefits to having my systems monitored?
Knowing about trouble spots before they turn into failures is important. Getting advanced notice of your system's remaining disk space is important for database applications such as SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange. These servers depend on the ability to grow databases on demand. If a database suddenly runs out of disk space, the entire database could be corrupted and taken offline. Additionally, if a single drive in a server's disk array fails, we will be alerted immediately and replace the failed drive, typically with no downtime.





Operating System Security Patch Monitoring
Microsoft typically releases several patches per month to protect your server from known vulnerabilities. We apply the patches to your servers and verify that no side effects result.

Antivirus Monitoring
While we have automated your antivirus systems, we manually verify proper operation weekly. We review application logs and verify that updates are occurring on all systems.

Commercial Power Monitoring
If your server is equipped with an adequate Uninterruptible Power Supply capable of e-mail notification, your commercial power will be monitored. If an extended power outage occurs, we will take action to ensure that all mission critical servers are powered down properly and the contact person is notified. We will continue to monitor the outage and bring your servers up remotely once power is restored.

Backup Monitoring
Your backup systems have been configured to send us e-mails upon completion of daily backup jobs. On occasion we receive notification that a job has failed. We immediately investigate and take necessary corrective action.


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