Data protection and Disaster Recovery Solutions

If you're like most small and midsize businesses, you rely much more heavily on your data and IT infrastructure than you used to. Think about the last time computers were down at the office. Was anyone able to accomplish meaningful work during that time? IT technology has enabled businesses to run faster and more efficient than ever before, but most haven't adequately planned for mitigating the risk of IT systems failures.

The surprising fact is that implementation of data protection systems and services has never been more cost-effective. Contact us today to discuss a plan, protect your data and ensure business stays open and productive.

Syntiro's Approach

At Syntiro, we specialize in designing solutions that mitigate the risk of data loss by targeting the following categories:


Plans and options

File based backups with off-site cloud storage

Got a fast Internet connection? Then cloud backup is an option for your business. Get fast, reliable and automatic backups of all your company servers and workstations using the state of the art Syntiro Cloud backup agent. Data is automatically and securely transferred to the cloud and your files are retained at our secure datacenter facilities in Boston and Los Angeles. Optionally servers can be configured with local vault backup technology for nearly instant recovery of files.


Local file based backups with optional off-site data set rotation

If high speed broadband just isn't available at your office location, then this option may suit your business best. This local on-site solution is designed to protect critical business data by deduplicating and retaining it to a specifically designed server or appliance at your office. Optionally the data on-site can be rotated off-site for even greater protection.


Image based and virtual machine backups with optional off-site replication

Down time doesn't just involve loss of data. It can mean a critical business application is simply unavailable. This can happen due to a number of causes including software recently added patches, updates etc. Fixing a business application can be time consuming, and if your employees depend on it to be productive then time is money. Image based backups take incremental snapshots of the application servers entire hard drive. Restoring restoring a snapshot is a lot faster than rebuilding a server and then recovering individual files from a file based backup. Contact us today to discuss which image based solution will work best for your business.


Cloud storage with backup built in

Need a solution for backing up, sharing and easily accessing files from anywhere? Then a cloud storage option may be fore you. Syntirobox is a cloud storage option that can be sized to fit every businesses need. It comes with advanced features such as versioning, public link sharing and collaboration tools. Best of all it allows you to access and work with your files via iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Contact us about Syntirobox and how it can work for you today.


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  • 61% of all problems that disrupt business are caused by internal malfunctions of computer hardware or software.
  • Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States alone.
  • 80% of businesses suffering a major disaster go out of business within three years.
  • 90% percent of small businesses spend less than 8 hours thinking about their business continuity plans.