Email archiving, protection and continuity services

Introducing Mimecast Unified Email Management
Need to keep email for seven years, ten or even longer but don't have the capacity available on existing meail servers? Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) amplifies the benefits of email security, continuity and archiving by delivering them as a single, tightly integrated, cloud-based service managed from a central, web-based administration console. Mimecast is a purpose-built, high performance cloud platform which delivers unparalleled security, reliability and performance when it comes to email archving and message discovery.

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Why email archiving matters to some
Regulatory compliance doesn't apply to every business, but for those that must meet regulatory requirements it can be a daunting challenge. Mimecast can help save you money by reducing the amount of email that needs to be stored on your mail servers. It offers employees a way of accessing email when your mail server is down for maintenance and it allows administrators to perform discovery searches across all mailboxes. Best of all mimecast keeps track of all email sent and received, regardless of which user may have deleted individual messages in their personal mailbox.

Benefits of Mimecast UEM

  • > Reduced cost to store email
  • > A lighter load for your Exchange Server
  • > Greater productivity - since staff is able to access archived email without technical support
  • > No more user deletion or employees hoarding emails in PSTs
  • > Bottomless mailboxes for end users
  • > Employee access to email archive from within Microsoft Outlook and even mobile devices
  • > Fast search and discovery capabilities


Symantec Cloud-based Email Archiving
For most organizations, email is the most significant driver of growing storage requirements. To combat this explosive growth, you typically enforce a mailbox quota on employees but these tactics tend to increase email management overhead and force end users to circumvent the process and create PST or NSF files. This shifts the storage pain to shared network drives, laptops, and external hard drives and introduces data loss, corruption, and backup challenges.

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Symantec Cloud-based Email Archiving

Benefits of Symantec Message Archving

  • > Cloud-based email archiving solution that can allow users to save and archive PST files.
  • > Faster and more seamless email migrations by archiving old and duplicate email before you migrate.
  • > Intuitive end user access to archived email while on or offline* and on mobile devices.
  • > Proactive compliance with consistent retention policies and faster search for eDiscovery.


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