Email protection and continuity services

Syntiro Networks is proud to offer the best email protection and continuity solutions in the industry.

McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity
Block spam, phishing scams, viruses, worms and inappropriate email content in the cloud, before it reaches your network or an employee inbox. There is no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no maintenance to perform - saving you money and freeing up resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Complete inbound email filtering
The combination of McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, our proprietary WormTraq technology, over 20 separate filters, ClickProtect for click-time link scanning including proactive advanced antimalware capabilities, and our gray/bulk mail filtering capabilities protects against the world's latest threats, defeating zero-hour attacks, and blocking phishing, advanced malware, and over 99% of spam well before they reach your network.

How SaaS Email Protection Works

Comprehensive outbound email protection
Stay true to regulatory and company policies by properly identifying and handling malware, inappropriate emails, unauthorized content, and company-private information before it leaves the network. Hosted mailbox users of Office 365 and Google Apps for Business can also easily leverage these outbound email protection capabilities.

Continuity and outage protection
Email is the engine of productivity, and downtime directly impacts the bottom line. SaaS Email Protection and Continuity gives you peace of mind that your employees can remain productive during email server outages with continuous email storage, access, and use.

How continuity and outage protection work


Benefits of Message Security
Message Security provides effective inbound and outbound email security for organizations of all sizes. It helps manage the security of email messages without in house IT resources.

  • > Keeps networks safe by stopping spam, viruses, phishing, and directory harvest attacks.
  • > Meets compliance needs by allowing administrators to define email usage policies.
  • > Integrates with existing email systems and does not require additional hardware or software.
  • > Delivers 99.999% availability for message processing and 100% virus protection.
  • > Spools email in the event of a disaster, planned server maintenance, or Internet outage.
  • > ISO 27001 certified data centers and automatic maintenance and upgrades.


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