Connecting your Android device to Office365

This article explains how to setup an Exchange ActiveSync account on your Android based phone or tablet.

Follow these steps to setup your Exchange ActiveSync account your Android device:

Step 1:
  1. Tap Apps.
    • Tap apps

Step 2:
  1. Tap Settings.
    • Tap settings

Step 3:
  1. Tap Accounts.
    • Touch accounts

Step 4:
  1. Tap Add Account.
    • Touch add account

Step 5:
  1. Tap Microsoft Exchange Active Sync
    • Touch Microsoft Exchange

Step 6:
  1. Enter your email address and password. Then Tap Next.
  2. NOTE: If your device fails to detect the server settings automatically when you tap Next, it is likely that you have misspelled your email address and/or password. Please check to ensure that these items are spelled correctly and try again. Passwords are case sensitive. If you've checked your name and password and the device is still asking for a server name and username, skip to Troubleshooting.
    • Enter email and password

Step 7:
  1. Tap OK to accept the Activation Terms and continue.
    • Tap ok

Step 8:
  1. Tap OK to accept the security features.
    • Tap ok

Step 9:
  1. Place check marks in the boxes corresponding to items you want to sync (Sync SMS is not typical). Then tap Next
    • Place check marks in the boxes

Step 10:
  1. Tap Activate
    • Tap Activate

  1. If your device was unable to obtain the server settings automatically, you'll likely see a screen asking for a domain\username and a server name. If you are seeing this screen, enter your email address in the Domain\user name field and into the Exchange Server field.
    • Manual Server Setup


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